Steelers vs. Packers Party, NYC – February 6, 2011

Steelers vs. Packers
Technically, I’m not sure whether or not we can call this a Super Bowl party, but given that Black Oak Nights is theoretically a “news” site, can’t we kind of say it is as part of our rights as journalists? I have no clue, but what I do know is that if you want to watch the “Big Game” on February 6 at 2011, then you better head over to Crash Mansion (199 Bowery Street, Lower East Side, Manhattan, New York City) for a Super Bowl party for the ages. RSVP on our Facebook page…
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Monday & Tuesday Rundown: January 31 and February 1, 2011

Wine Tasting
Who says that Mondays can’t be fun? And if your Monday is just too busy, maybe Tuesday will work. Either way, we have you covered in this edition of the Monday and Tuesday Rundown. Whether you want a classy affair or just want to hit the dance floor, we have you covered for the next two days. Here is your Monday and Tuesday nightlife rundown for January 31 and February 1, 2011. Continue reading

Tuesday & Wednesday Rundown: January 25-26, 2011

La Pomme, NYC

La Pomme, NYC

This Tuesday and Wednesday won’t turn out to be the best weather days ever, but to the always thriving, young, black professional, New York City is your oyster in rain, sleet, snow or below zero temperatures. On January 25th and 26th, enjoy the President’s State of the Union with socialites, party out in Queens, or get down with other young, black professionals at Greenhouse Nightclub. Here is your Tuesday and Wednesday rundown… Continue reading

Weekend Rundown: January 21-22, 2011

Empire Hotel
Don’t let the snow ruin your weekend! In fact, take advantage of it. Plenty of people will avoid the clubs and bars this Friday and Saturday, thus, making them that much more pleasant to be in and a little bit cleaner too. In addition, anybody who treks through the snow to make it to a bar this weekend is clearly looking for a good time. So my bet is that anywhere you can find a bunch of young black professionals this weekend is a place that is going to be whole lot of fun. Here is the Weekend Rundown for January 21st and January 22, 2011. Continue reading

Monday & Tuesday Rundown: January 17-18, 2011

Slate NYC
The beginning of the work-week isn’t fun for anyone in New York City. Thus, I hope you had a great weekend, because really, that’s the only way to guarantee a nice start to the week. That being said, we think we have a few events that can help you make the best of your Monday and Tuesday. So without further adieu my young, black professionals, here is your Monday and Tuesday Nightlife Rundown for January 17 and January 18, 2011. Continue reading

Thursday Rundown: January 13, 2011

Boom Boom Room NYC
Alright, young, black professionals of Black Oak Nights! It’s time to take advantage of Thursday night, because after all, it’s already the second Thursday of the year, and we only have 50 more to go in 2011! Thus, you need to get your work done early, head over to your favorite after work spot, and enjoy an early weekend drink—compliments of your own sanity.

Seriously, don’t stay at work too long, because that mess will stress you out. Not to compare anybody’s job to that of the President’s, but have you seen how his head has went from black to old-man’s gray in just a matter of two years? It’s unbelievable! Don’t let that be you! You’re too young, and none of you have to put up with the stress Barack does—so stop choosing to do so! Just hit up your favorite bar, or check out one of the events below, and toast your first drink to staying young and avoiding the grays. Here is your Thursday Nightlife Rundown for January 13, 2011. Continue reading

Tuesday Rundown: January 11, 2011

Moca Lounge, Central Harlem, New York City
It’s Tuesday, people! So get over the Monday blues, and walk into a terrific Tuesday. The only thing keeping you from getting your week off to a good start is the impending snow that’s headed here tonight. Don’t fret; you should be well into your second happy hour of the night before a flake even touches the ground. Here is the January 11, 2011 Tuesday Rundown for all of our beautiful, young, black professionals in New York City! Continue reading

Monday Rundown: January 10, 2011

NY Vinters Pizza
It’s Monday people! It’s the second Monday of the year. Only 50 more to go until New Year’s Eve. Black Oak Nights has a lot in store for the young, black professional this year, and we hope you will join us for the ride. You can start off by checking out any of the events on today’s rundown, and by friending us on Facebook as well. See you on the social networks!

Here is our Monday Nightlife Rundown for January 10, 2011.
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Monday Rundown: January 3, 2011

Rockefeller Christmas Tree
It’s official! It is the Monday of all Mondays of the year. For many of you, this is your first return to work in the New Year. While you may still be in recovery mode from Friday night, a Monday like this always deserves a drink. So from open bars to open ice, here is your Monday Nightlife Rundown for January 3, 2011! Continue reading

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